Green River Energy Resources

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Black Rock Desert, Nevada.


Dewitt Morris DeWitt Morris (President)
Born in Athens, Tennessee in 1951, DeWitt commenced his experience in Oil and Gas related industries in 1973. After attending Auburn University, DeWitt 'rough necked' for major drilling companies, such as Rowan, True and Nobel until 1975. At that time he entered into the geophysical exploration field and has since managed operations throughout Alaska, the Canadian and US Rockies and 9 foreign countries on 5 different continents. He has worked as an observer, Project Manager, Regional and Country Manager for major corporations such as CGG, Norpac and Western Geophysical. He has served as International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC) Western U. S. Committee chairman between the years of 1994 and 1999. He remains active within IAGC for all federal lands issues and in 2005 was named one of fifteen Honorary Life Members.
Email: Mobile: 208-761-3300

John Stephens (Operations Manager)
John Stephens is a graduate of Florissant Valley Community College in St. Louis, Missouri and has since completed Land Title training courses and numerous Safety Training programs provided by the Oil and Gas Industry. John started his seismic career as a field hand for CGG in 1976. The years that followed, found him working as an observer in remote environments from the gulf coast transition zone to the Wyoming Rockies. In 1987 John accepted a Project Management position in the EAME with Western Geophysical working in several countries throughout North Africa and the Middle East. In 1994 he returned to the U.S. and has since managed operations in the mid-continent region, demonstrating a strong background in logistics for large-scale 3D programs. John is completely familiar with all aspects of permitting, surveying, drilling and recording both on land and in the transition zone for domestic and international operations.
Email: Mobile: 573-247-4434

Kay Morris (Corporate Secretary)
A 1976 graduate of Sullins College in Bristol, Virginia, Kay has worked in the geophysical industry since 1979. Familiar with all phases of field operations she has provided administrative services for Norpac Exploration and worked as a senior surveyor for Western Geophysical. Kay is tasked with banking and overseeing all administrative services for Green River Energy Resources.
Email: Mobile: 406-471-1897

Leah Michael (Base Administrator)
With over 13 years of experience in field administration starting at Western Geophysical in 1996 Leah has worked throughout the U.S including several tours as Alaska Division Base Camp Manager. In 2003 she joined VeritasDGC as Sr. Field Administrator US Rocky Mountain and Alaska division, overseeing crew administrators, all AP - AR and financial job tracking for the Alaska division. She has recently worked with Pearl Development Company, LLC - Sheridan, WY as Procurement and Purchasing specialist for CBM Powder River Basin Field. Leah is tasked with all administrative services for Green River Energy Resources including Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll Administration, DOT/BATF records keeping and Human Resources.

Tim Walts (Project Management)
Tim Walts joined Green River in June of 2008. He first entered the geophysical industry following seven years experience as a Senior Industrial Engineer in the Aerospace industry and as a contract Industrial Engineer. His initial entry into the seismic business began in 1973 assembling equipment and personnel for Seismos, Inc. (Prakla Seismos GmbH) in Dallas, TX. Tim went to the field with Seismos and served as a Permit Agent, Observer, and Surveyor. In his overall 16 years of experience, Tim has also been an Area Manager, Party Manager, Project Manager, Drill Pusher, and Advance/Permit Agent. His experience with all types of crews in 20 states in North America provides invaluable planning and logistics input for Green River projects.
Email: Tim Walts ( Mobile: 785-421-7059

Rick Crook (Drilling Supervisor)
Rick Crook has 14 years experience in the geophysical industry. He started drilling for Omni Energy Services, Rocky Mountain Drill Division in the fall of 1996. Throughout his 8 years with Omni, Rick has drilled with all types of air and water rigs from the swamps of Louisiana to the slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Rick joined Green River Energy Resources in 2004 as a contract Project Manager and became involved in coordination of mapping/accessing and surveying. In 2006, he worked for Western Land Drilling Services as Manager of a Ground Water Monitoring Drill Program in the Coal Bed Methane fields of the Powder River Basin. Rick is tasked with supervision of drilling operations throughout the U.S. and management of Federal DOT compliance for Green River Energy Resources.
Email: Mobile: 307-258-9105