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Green River Energy Conserves Hall Basin Unit

Pinedale, Wyoming (November 2009) – The members of Green River Exploration Drilling, LLC (“GRED”) donated a conservation easement on 280 acres of the Hall Basin Unit property to the Green River Valley Land Trust (Now, the Wyoming Land Trust). GRED purchased the property, which lies northeast of Boulder adjacent to the Scab Creek Wilderness Study Area, from the Mrak family in August. The gift means that the property will remain available for wildlife and provide scenic views for County residents and visitors below for more:

Watch below to see why Green River won the Bureau of Land Management 2009 BMP Award!

Bureau of Land Management
Best Management Practices Award
August 2009

Click here to read about the award.(4.6Mb PDF)

Denver Geophysical Society
The Record - Article
May 2009

Click here to read the complete article.(4.8Mb PDF)