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Helicopter loading at Durham Ranch.

Project Management

Green River Energy Resources specializes in GIS applications for seismic solutions. Surface and mineral permit information are overlaid with USGS topographic information, satellite imagery, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), LIDAR, ROW data and SEG P1 information into an Arcview data-base. This data-base is then used to allow for efficient planning of survey operations including location of receivers, source points, hazard offsets and associated access routes. Accurate accessing benefits all steps that follow and is the key to successful acquisition of seismic data in today's complex operating environment.

For operations involving federal and state lands Green River works directly with the USDOI Bureau of Land Management, USDA Forest Service and various states agencies for administration and application of the NEPA process. Understanding the regulatory process, as it applies to geophysical exploration, is essential to cost affective, timely acquisition of seismic data on our public lands. Insuring geophysical objectives are not compromised during the permit process is the responsibility of those administering the permits. Green River willingly accepts this responsibility on behalf of our clients and commits the time and attention necessary to see that these objectives are met with regard to both data quality and project timing.

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