Green River Energy Resources

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Heli-drill being positioned for shot hole.


Green River Energy Resources owns and operates five Ardco Drill Buggies and seven NCA Helidrills. GRER also has preferred vendor affiliations assuring availability of up to 18 more air/water combination buggies as the need may arise. Green River's expertise in project management, surveying and accessing when integrated with the operation of our own drills naturally facilitates maximum production. Prior to the arrival of the drill crews Green River field personnel identify the source type (vibrator or conventional drill, buggy, track or heli-portable) thus eliminating the confusion that often results from a lack of understanding regarding drilling capabilities. Our management has themselves spent years operating many types of drills. We are familiar with the safe operating procedures for each of the drill types required to efficiently conduct operations for any program throughout the Rocky Mountain and mid-continent regions.

Green River Energy Resources operates under Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) License 9-MT-029-33-8D-00367 and in accordance with Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations Part 55, Commerce in Explosives. All employee possessors are specifically authorized through BATF to handle and transport explosives, and ultimate responsibility for explosives handling rests with the principals of GRER.